Here’s what’s coming up at SMCC.

  1. Holy Week. Holy week starts with Palm Sunday, which is on Sunday, April 17, so get ready to hold on to some greenery while you listen to the sermon. Palm Sunday always falls on the Sunday before Easter, and it is a celebration of Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem in the days before his Passion. It is also called Passion Sunday. This begins a time where we are prepare our hearts on Jesus coming deeper into our lives.
  2. Baptism Class. On Monday, April 18, we will be holding a Baptism Class at the church building from 7-8pm. If you are even considering getting water baptized on Easter Sunday, please attend. We will soon be having sign-ups for Easter Sunday baptisms.
  3. Good Friday Service. We will be having a Good Friday service on…Good Friday! It will begin at 7pm at the church building as we gather to remember Jesus’ Passion.
  4. Easter Sunday Service. Celebrating the resurrection of Jesus makes Easter Sunday a very special occasion, but one thing that makes Easter Sunday at SMCC so awesome is that we end the service with water baptisms. If you’ve never been here to see them, it is truly an amazing and heartfelt day as people publicly show their devotion to Christ. If you’re still wondering where to go on Easter Sunday, we would love to see you here at 10am!