Dry Gulch 2009 Wrap-Up

Dry Gulch 2009 Wrap-Up

I had an amazing time at Dry Gulch USA Summer Camp August 2-6 with a group of elementary students from San Marcos Community Church.

The Dry Gulch staff added a time at the start of camp for sponsors and children’s pastors to pray over every single child at camp. The prayer time was powerful and anointed. As the week progressed, I could see how the Holy Spirit was using those prayers over each of our children that were at camp.

The theme for camp was “What a Friend.”

Recap from John 14:6:

1. Jesus is the way. Jesus carried our burdens. He carried them all.
2. Jesus is the truth. Jesus was 100% God and 100% man. Jesus was tempted in every way, just as we are, but Jesus did not give in. Jesus knew the truth about temptation. The truth about temptation is, temptation is always a trap. We can beat temptation with God’s Word.
3. Jesus is the life. Jesus is the only Friend who will never break a promise. He never lets you down. God wants us to have friends, but Jesus is your best friend.

Every student that went to camp came away knowing Jesus as their friend at a whole new level. Burdens that had been carried by these students were given over to Jesus, our burden bearer, and students experienced more freedom in worship.

Last but not least, we just had some good ole fashioned fun! Dry Gulch is a fun place with incredible activities for these students. The camp is always improving and adding to make the camp experience more fun for the kids.

I am excited about taking more students to Dry Gulch next year. I will be signing up for 2010 camp in November. Be looking for information about summer camp at the end of October 2009.

-Miss Pam, SMCC Children’s Pastor