Chris Ball Sermon Update: God Still Heals

Chris Ball Sermon Update: God Still Heals

HealingOn Sunday, Chris talked about how God still provides us with emotional healing. Next week he’ll be discussing God’s ability to heal us physically. Here’s what he discussed this week:

God’s prescription for emotional healing can be found in James 5:13. Here, Paul emphasizes that when we need healing from emotional sickness, we must pray. Likewise, when we need emotional delight, we need to sing.

O.K., everyone has some kind of emotional pain and baggage. And maybe you’ve been praying for healing for some time now. But what kind of prayer heals those emotional wounds?

Prayers of Lament: These prayers are found throughout the Bible, but they are most prominent in the Psalms. David often prayed prayers of lament. Here’s what he did (and what you can do, too):

  1. Recount Your Pain
  2. Recall God’s Character
  3. Resolve to Trust Him

– Depression & Doubt (Psalm 13)
– Guilt & Shame (Psalm 38)
– Persecution & Adversity (Psalm 56)
– Injustice “Raw Deal” (Psalm 73)
– Sickness or Impact of Aging (Psalm 102)

Beyond prayers of lament, we have to be “filled up” by God as well. We have sort of an emotional reservoir that needs to be filled by God. So, what kind of prayer fills our emotional reservoir?
Prayers of Praise: David also often prayed prayers that were full of joy and honor to God. Here’s how you can pray prayers of praise

  1. Recount your Gain
  2. Recall God’s Character
  3. Resolve to Thank Him

We can find examples of these types of prayers all throughout Psalms as well:
Psalm 103
Psalm 136
Psalm 145
Psalm 146-150

Here are some conclusions Chris left us with Sunday:
– Ups & Downs are Normal.
– Emotional health demands we move beyond the “silencing of our symptoms.”
– Emotional healing is a gift from God.  Go to “the” Counselor before you go to a counselor.
– “Getting stuck” is also normal and God uses people in conjunction with prayer to mend our emotional wounds.
– Extreme wounds at times demand extended and specialized care.

Give your cares and pain to God. He is the only One who can truly heal you.