Pursuit Diary: Truth Project #2

Pursuit Diary: Truth Project #2

pursuitlogoWe have been having a grand ole time on Sunday nights going through The Truth Project series. If you haven’t already, please join us! It’s not too late to have your whole world turned upside down… (in a good way!)

The past few weeks in our Pursuit group, we have covered Philosophy, Ethics, Anthropology (Who is Man?), and Theology (Who is God?). This stuff ain’t for sissies, I tell ya! More and more we are getting acquainted with the “Cosmic Battle”—the battle between what God says (Truth) and what the world, the flesh, and the devil claim to be true (Lies). This battle rages and reaches into every possible facet of life. Keep reading, if you dare…

Recently, we’ve seen how this Cosmic Battle plays out in the fields of Philosophy and Ethics. Before your eyes glaze over, remember what these two fields seek to examine: the nature of the world (philosophy), and our understanding of right and wrong behavior (ethics). The questions raised in these fields of research are questions that human beings have always asked. The answers we cling to regarding these questions have far-reaching consequences…

what is truth? what is real? am I real? what is the meaning and purpose of life? what is right? what is wrong? why am I here? where is all this going?

Philosophy is supposed to be the pure quest for the unifying factor that ties all of existence together. It is a great and awesome search, with a Great and Awesome answer—the God revealed in the Bible. However, at the insistence of a few influential men in the scientific and academic worlds, our culture has tossed out even the possibility of an infinite, personal God—insisting that the answers to Life’s big questions have to be “inside the box”. The “box”, or the “cosmic cube”, refers to the physical universe. By and large our culture acts on the unfounded assumption that NOTHING exists outside this universe of “stuff” that can be observed, tested, and generally known through our senses.

What an impoverished state our culture finds itself in! For it is guilty of inconceivable arrogance and vanity—by categorically claiming that there is no super-natural, and that “matter is all that matters”, it has by default claimed to have infinite knowledge. In reality, it has willingly ignored the Answer of all answers. It is like saying, “There is no number 4. The number 4 does not exist, okay?? Now tell me what 2 plus 2 equals.” Our culture has not only cut itself off from knowing the answers to various questions about life but also to the Big Answer—God Himself.

As Christians we know that “the box” is OPEN—that God stands outside time and space, and yet is intimately involved with His creation. Because of His revelation to us, WE CAN KNOW the answers to questions raised in the arena of Philosophy! Hallelujah!
And then there’s Ethics…

what is right? what is wrong? SAYS WHO?

Every people group that has ever existed has had some sense of ethics—of what ought to be done, as opposed to what ought not to be done. As Christians we don’t have to stumble around in the dark, trying to figure out what’s right and wrong—God tells us plainly. When you agree with the “closed box” philosophy, it means that there is NO BASIS for right and wrong. There is no fixed moral law, and there is no moral Lawgiver. If the majority of people lived this out consistently in their lives, you can imagine the chaos that would ensue! As Christians, though, we do have a foundation for Right and Wrong—God and His Word. God’s moral law actually sets us FREE from the tyranny of our own opinions and the cultural majority’s opinions about what’s right and wrong.

As our culture continues to ignore God and His Truth, they continue on a path to social and moral insanity. May we apply ourselves both to the renewing of our minds, and to intercession for our wayward culture, which has been taken captive by such ideas!

Barna Study: How many Americans have a Biblical Worldview?
General American Population: 4%
“Born Again” American Population: 9%
and we wonder why our country is a mess!

As we conclude this survey, I’m reminded of a popular credit card commercial that asks, “What’s in YOUR wallet?” Well my question for you, dear Pursuer, is “What’s in YOUR worldview? Does it conform to the world, or does it conform to the WORD?”

Selah. Think about it.
And stay tuned for an upcoming discussion of MAN and GOD… it’s gonna get personal!


“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed (metamorphed) by the renewing of your minds…”         Romans 12:2