Sunday Sermon Recap

Sunday Sermon Recap

This Sunday, Chris spoke about “How To Make Godly Decisions.” When making decisions, here are some initial thoughts he had:

  1. Your abilities have the potential to take you further than your character can SUSTAIN you.
  2. You get into trouble when your integrity doesn’t keep pace with the momentum created by your GIFTEDNESS.
  3. Our commitment to integrity can easily be eroded by our love for PROGRESS.
  4. The excuses we are most tempted to use are: God PROMISED it – I DESERVE it.

Looking at 1 Samuel 24:1-12, Chris showed us that David had an opportunity to kill Saul, who was on his way to kill him.

  • This situation had all the makings of a God thing.
  • When opportunities line up with our PRAYERS and PASSIONS, it is difficult to exercise RESTRAINT.
  • Opportunities must be weighed against something other than the uniqueness of the circumstances surrounding them.

David’s response to the situation was to follow what he knew about God before acting in haste. He weighed the opportunity against three things:

  • The LAW of God
  • The PRINCIPLES of God
  • The WISDOM of God

So, even though it looked like a God thing and felt like a God thing, didn’t necessarily make it a God thing. When making decisions, it’s important to make sure you aren’t trying to justify yourself or only logically trying to figure it out. You must listen to the heart of God. Chris mentioned that the most direct route to what you want is rarely the BEST route.

In conclusion, Chris mentioned that we should

  • Weigh every opportunity against the LAW, PRINCIPLES & WISDOM of God.
  • Decide every day that you will not sacrifice integrity for progress.
  • Give the right people an all-access pass to EVERY major decision in your life.

How do you make decisions? Is it hard to do what God wants, as opposed to what you want?