SMCC Membership


Welcome to the SMCC membership page! We are glad you’d like to learn more about our mission and ministry here in the I-35 corridor in and around the San Marcos area. The four membership courses contain video and downloadable handouts, which are also available at the Info Table when you sign up for the Membership class. The four courses are as follows:


    1. Faith: What we believe as Christians and as a church body

    2. Formation: Spiritual formation exercises and disciplines to help us connect with God on a daily basis

    3. Spirit: Who the Holy Spirit is and His activity in the life of a believer today

    4. Culture: How to engage a non-Christian culture and to bring the culture of the Kingdom of God to those around us.


As you watch the video content, fill in the blanks as indicated. After completing the four videos, prospective members will join the SMCC staff for a short orientation meeting where we will answer any questions you may have. The next meeting will be directly after church on Sunday, March 6. We will also go through the Membership Covenant together. Click the button below to begin the first class, Faith.

Begin Membership I: Faith